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AGM Change Log

This page lists major changes to the AGM Website since 25th July 2010.




31st January 2006

  • AGM Theory first published on not tracked until 25th July 2010.

25th July 2010

  • Addition of this page.
  • Addition of text in Behaviour and Investigation to point out that interstellar matter is retained in larger elliptical galaxies but lost in small ones.

27th July 2010

  • Addition of text in Investigation about the speed of sound in anti-gravity matter.

29th July 2010

  • Addition of section in Investigation about the Coma Cluster.

31st July 2010

  • Addition in Investigation of the suggestion that anti-gravity matter could be neutralinos.

5th August 2010

  • AGMPressureSimulation upgraded to simulate adiabatic expansion.Pab working estimate changed.

10th August 2010

  • Section on IRAS 05437+2502 added to Evidence.

29th August 2010

  • Section on movement of local interstellar cloud added to Evidence.

14th September 2010

  • Section on binary pairs added to Behaviour and section on IRAS 23166+1655 added to Evidence.

28th September 2010

30th September 2010

  • Main Investigation Page withdrawn for major re-write.

1st November 2010

  • Major re-write of the Investigation page with new estimated anti-gravity matter parameters.

30th January 2011

  • Elliptical Galaxy page re-issued

15th May 2011

  • Analysis of Globular Cluster Colour added to Investigation.

17th July 2100

  • Analysis of Elliptical Galaxies updated to include 3 data corrections

30th July 2011

  • Analysis of Elliptical Galaxies updated to include MW1D B-V colour analysis and a comparison with globular clusters

13th September 2011

  • Objection relating to ERIS simulation answered

27th November 2011

  • Elliptical galaxy colour correction for distance equation improved.

5th December 2011

  • Analysis of Sunís AGM Boundary added to Investigation

11th December 2011

  • Dispersion Velocity section added to Elliptical Galaxies page

20th December 2011

  • AGM Wind Simulation comment removed from Investigation.
  • Comment on Voyager 1 probe added to Analysis of the Sunís AGM Boundary.
  • Objection page updated.

29th March 2012

  • Supernova Remnants turned Inside Out added to Evidence.
  • Analysis of Globular Cluster Colour removed from Investigation.

16th August 2012

  • Reference to AREPO simulation added to Evidence.

4th October 2012

  • Correlation coefficient statement added to Analysis of Bok Globules

10th October 2012

  • Addition of spiral around R Sculptoris to Evidence

20th October 2012

  • Removal of R Sculptoris and IRAS 23166+1655 from Evidence.

21st November 2012

  • Sunís AGM Boundary added to Investigation

24th November 2012

  • Draft of Bok Globule paper added to Index

6th December 2012

  • Wave Simulation added to AGM Pressure Simulation

15th December 2012

  • Voyager 1 added to Evidence

3rd February 2013

  • Elliptical Galaxy page re-written.Analysis of Globular Cluster colour re-introduced.

3rd September 2013

  • Elliptical Galaxy page edited.

11th September 2013

  • Protostar IRAS 20324+4057 added to Evidence

25th September 2013

  • Voyager 1 removed from Evidence

20th May 2015

  • Moved to and reformatted with white background

28th July 2015

  • Suggested parameter values added to Investigation

23rd March 2016

  • Link to ANTIGRAVITY MATTER paper added

10th August 2016

  • References to BAO and CMB anisotropies added to Evidence

8th August 2017

  • Addition of evidence for apparently negative mass dark matter and explanation for it in Behaviour

3rd March 2018

  • Repulsive Dark Matter paper supersedes Investigation page.

9th April 2018

  • Repulsive Dark Matter renamed back to Antigravity Matter in paper


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